Trip Hop. Art Pop. Folktronica

"Puts the listener in the right headspace."

Rock The Pigeon -

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Reviewers about the EP

Get To The Chorus

The music of Nikki Oniyome is powerful. Its impact grows with repeated listening.

Get To The Chorus -
Super World Indie Tunes

Installation pop, minimal, intelligent, cooly emotional, thoughtful, surprising, playful, unexpected, delightful.

Super World Indie Tunes -
Rock The Pigeon

Definitely deeply influenced by electronic music, but the use of acoustic guitars and more natural samples gives a really interesting point of view. The mesmerizing, trance-like vocals are the ultimate compliment…..These guys have a lot to offer.

Rock The Pigeon -
Your Dead Partner

Sometimes music doesn’t need many words. And this EP is one of these pieces. It’s strangely beautiful and strangely twisted at the same time.

Your Dead Partner -
Global Music Magazine

Nikki Oniyome 日記 嫁 日記 captivates with unusual sounds, weird ideas and a successful production.

Global Music Magazine -